Frequently asked questions

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What is VioResume

VioResume is an easy video resume maker site. As a result, you can share your video CV with anyone with one click, and employers will find you from the VioResume.

What is the benefit of VioResume?

VioResume gives candidates the chance to show their confidence through video resumes.

Does VioResume cost anything?

Vioresume Costs 5$ a month or 20$ yearly. You can also add a resume or video resume script as an add on.

How do I use VioResume?

After making a VioResume profile , you share your profile link in your resume, you can share your profile with the recruiters.

How does VioResume help the Recruiters and HR?

It gives recruiter a chance to see the candidate’s positive behavior

How do I share an update or post?

Like other social media platforms users can post text, pictures & videos. Other users can see, comment & react to the post.

Can a company make a VioResume Profile?

Companies can create business page designed for businesses & organizations.

How to complete a VioResume profile?

Users can shoot videos using phone, camera or webcam and then upload in the VioResume profile. They can also record live through the VioResume website .

How can I prepare myself for VioResume?

-Make sure to write an answer script for each question,

-Dress well

-Have a good background

Can I re do my video

You can redo or edit your videos as much as you want.

How do I share my resume?

VioResume video profile comes with a dedicated profile link. Go to your profile and click on the share button, you can see your profile link. You can copy and put in your resume or you can just share your profile link to anyone. Or when you are in your profile look at the address bar of your browser. You will see the URL of your profile. You can copy that too. The link will look like this-

How do I know who visited my profile?

There is a view counter in your profile it counts how many people visited your profile and played your video resume. But Vioresume will not reveal who visited your resume.

What is admire?

Other registered users can click a button on your profile named Admire. It’s equivalent of a follower but it’s more prestigious since all vioresume users are highly skilled professionals. They only admire each other if a user truly likes your previous

Can recruiters reach a candidate through VioResume?

At this moment recruiters cannot reach you , but this feature will be available in the next version.

What is recommendation?

If someone wants to comment in your profile, they can do in the recommendation section

Can users message each through VioResume?

At this moment we don’t have the messaging system, but it will come on our next version

Who can view users profile?

Everyone can see and view users profile

How long does it take to create VioResume profile?

Can recruiters shortlist candidates?

Yes recruiters can shortlist you.

What will happen once user monthly subscription is canceled?

When subscription is canceled, everyone can view the profile but video won't start.

Is there any trial period in VioResume?

How many questions is needed to be answered to complete a VioResume profile?

Answering all 5 questions thru video is recommended.

Can I upload my pdf ot doc resume in VioResume?

Yes you can upload your PDF doc in your profile.

How do I pay for my VioResume profile?

Vioresume subscription can be paid by any visa , mastercard and amex card.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription by clicking on the cancel subscription button from your profile.

Is there any video instruction to create VioResume profile?

Yes there is an instruction on how to upload your video resume. Also you can find the instruction in youtube and google as well

How hard it is to create VioResume profile?

Making VioResume profile is a little time consuming , but the reward is endless when you create vioresume.

What video resolution does VioResume support?

Is there any VioResume app?

We will be releasing a Vioresume app in the future. Our social media will announce soon.

Why VioResume is limited to it's web version?

Can users create video resume from mobile phone?

Yes video resume can also be done by mobile phone as well.

Is VioResume website support iPhone?

Vioresume supports all version of IOS

Is VioResume is optimized for cellphone?

Vioresume is optimized for all kind of cell phones

What is admire?

Can users post in VioResume blog?

Yes anyone can post in Vioresume blog

Does VioResume store my credit card information?

Vioresume never stores or save anyones credit or debit card information.

Is there any refund for VioResume profile?

No, there is no refund.

Can anyone download resume?

No, not at the moment.

Can anyone copy my resume?

Video resume cannot be copied.

Can I upload my portfolio?

Yes you can upload your portfolio, it will display in the profile

What is references question mean in VioResume profile?

Your previous employers video recommendations or references are called references question in your profile